Posta Uganda dragged to court by NWSC over illegal water consumption

Posta Uganda dragged to court by NWSC over illegal water consumption

Posta Uganda among other institutions and private entities in Gulu city drilling National Water and Sewage Corporation (NWSC) dry through illegal water consumption

Basing on the Gulu Area Manager NWSC Lukwiya Gang, these illegal connections cost the water supplier billions and billions of shillings. While speaking to media, although he choose to conceal the companies involves, Posts Uganda and Telecommunication slipped his tongue.

The two companies were also summoned letters in which they were asked to immediately close their own water facilities as well as clear their enormous bill amounting to 2.8 million shillings.

Basing on Mr. Lukwiya, individuals and institutions are prohibited from providing their own water sources where there is operation of National Water especially without a go signal from the Ministry of Water.

“We aren’t running away from competition but there are procedures to follow which many of our clients are either intentionally or ignorantly breaching” Lukwiya went on to inform media.

While among individuals, Mr. Lukwiya said among the 12,500 families and premises connected to National Water, three quarters of them currently have outstanding bills which total upto 150 million shillings.

Mr. Lukwiya says he believes that the failure to clear water bills is a birth child of misunderstanding of the President’s directive that halted collection of water bills from clients during the first lockdown last year.

“When the directive descended on us, it was considerate that we needed to keep constant supply of water but now the challenge is that we still can’t collect those bills” Lukwiya further explained about the situation.

Posta Uganda Gulu’s regional Office Manager Sara Alele when contacted about the claims over phone said she is yet to visit the summon sent by National Water so as to give proper feedback on the situation.

“ I have been out of office for long and  I am yet to resume office and respond to the letter if there is any need for” Alele went on to say when she was asked about her response to the summon.

National Water and Sewage Corporation statistics indicate that currently, their supply in Gulu city is currently way higher than the demand from the population. Oitino dam which is her biggest supplier indicates that only 2 million liters are consumed on a daily basis while there’s a daily surplus of 1 million liters.

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But this phenomenon is the same for the 8 boreholes across the city seeing as their capacity on a daily basis is 3 million liters yet out of this, the population consumes only a 2 million liters of water.

Predictions by Lukwiya indicate that on completion of the Karuma-Gulu water project, the water supply rate for the city shall stand at 30 million liters daily but this shall be in years to come.

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