Pope Emeritus Benedict very sick, he needs prayers

Pope Emeritus very sick, he needs prayers

Pope Emeritus Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger also known as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI aged 93 years has been reported sick and in deep pain since his visit to Bavaria German on 18th-June-2020 to Monday 22nd-June 2020 when he returned to the Vatican where he had visited his sick brother Msgr. Georg Ratzinger who later died on 1st -July-2020 and was buried on the 8th-July-2020 in Regensburg-Germany at the Cathedral.

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According to Peter Seewald his official biographer, Pope Emeritus Benedict has been very frail since his return to the Vatican on the 22nd-June-2020. Pope Benedict according to the Germany newspaper Passauer Neue Preaae (PNP) is suffering from facial erysipelas, a bacterial infection of the skin which causes a painful red rash.

It should be remembered that having heard the hospitalization of his brother in Regensburg in Bavaria, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI visited him and after a few days the man of God had his last breath and Pope Benedict XVI virtually buried him following the proceedings on live streaming broadcast on the 8th-July-2020.

Brief Biography Of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

  • Born 16th-April-1927 by Joseph Ratzinger Sr. and Maria Peintner
  • 1947 together with his late brother Msgr. Georg Ratzinger, they joined Herzogliches Georgianum major Seminary
  • 29th-June-1951, they were both ordained priests.
  • From 1977-1982 was Archbishop of Munich and Freising
  • Cardinal-Priest of Santa Maria Consolatrice al Tiburtino from 1977-1993
  • President of International Theological Commission from 1982-2005
  • Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith from 1982-2005
  • Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia from 2002-2005
  • Dean of the college of Cardinal from 2002-2005
  • 19th-April-2005 became Pope following the death of Pope John Paul II
  • Papacy ended on 28th-February-2013 following his resignation.

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