Police vows to crush “Planned opposition Riots”

Uganda Police force has warned the opposition from holding riots and demonstrations over the the continued detention of Hon. Segirinya Muhammad and Hon. Allan Sewanyana. Police says that NUP and the newly created Peoples Front For Transition are masterminding the anticipated riots.

According to the police spokesperson Fred Enanga, The other reasons they are fronting rotate around the ongoing bail reforms. 

“The leadership of the Joint Security Agencies has obtained credible intelligence about plans by NUP, the newly formed “Peoples Front for Transition, and other political actors, to hold riots and political demonstrations across the country, beginning, Monday,” Fred Enanga said

“This time we are going to respond swiftly and target the perpetrators, professional instigators of violence, ring leaders, participants and those who may be funding such illegitimate acts of violence,” Fred Enanga said.

The police mouthpiece also revealed that they had arrested four people from NUP kasese with plans of incitement to violence and related subversive activities. 

“The operations to crack down all criminal elements involved in the planning and preparation for the violent riots and political demonstrations, are still ongoing,” Fred Enanga said.

However, NUP party president has said that the arrested members were on party activities following a mobilisation meeting which was held yesterday to enhance the party structures.

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