Police teargas Barbie Kyagulani while on Charity Activities in Nakaseke

Police teargas Barbie Kyagulani while on Charity Activities on Nakaseke

Uganda police have today fired teargas into crowds that were waiting to receive donations from Barbie Kyagulani Kikamulo Health Centre III in Nakaseke. Mrs Kyagulani was in the company of Nakaseke Central legislature, Hon. Allan Mayanja.

“UgPolice opens fire on pregnant mothers, teargasing babies at a health Centre in Kikamulo III,Nakaseke,Luwero.Maama, area MPs were here to deliver maternity beds and more. Scores wounded,” Barbie’s social media accounts reported.

According to Uganda Police, the team was advised to consider giving the goods to be district Anti-Covid-19 task force by starting to fire teargas.

“As security, we advised the Hon. Member of Parliament and his entourage to coordinate the pop-up distribution with the Distribution District Anti-Covid 19 task force of Nakaseke, at Butalangu who would then deliver the same to the health Centre,” ASP Semwogerere Isah said.

” The two refused to comply and instead mobilized their supporters who came in big numbers and entered the medical facility, contrary to the Ministry of Health guidelines on COVID-19,” he added.

“This necessitated the use of non-lethal crowd dispersal methods including tear gas to disperse the crowds,” he said.

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