Police council sits to discuss the increasing insecurity

The 24th Police camp has started this morning at Kigo to discuss infightings in the force and other security issues affecting the country.

The police council sits after the force has been reportedly infiltrated by criminals ‘Mafias’ and the wave of insecurity hit the country.

Speaking at the police council gathering at Kigo, the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura admitted deficiency in Police intelligence and the Infighting in the force but pledged to eliminate “mafias” in force and other gangs in the country.

Kayihura said that police is to embark on strengthening the force to fight violence and criminality through developing the community policing model.

“Through our community policing model and Mayumba Kumi strategy which has already started in some parts of the country like Masaka, the police will help communities to realize their role in the country’s security,” he said.

He also warned sports betting addicts and companies that police is eyeing their actions as they are reported to be the number one criminals according to intelligiency reports.

“The conference is a ground breaking milestone for ending violence and criminality in the Kampala Metropolitan Area and the rest of the country, police is eyeing sports betting people because they are now the number one criminals.”

He however said that police operations are traumatized by the ever reducing budget which limits police operations in the rest of the country and asked government to support them in eradicating gangs.

While officiating the 2-day camp, General Je Je Odongo the minister for Internal Affairs called for an aggressive Inter-agency cooperation among security agencies if the country is end criminality.

The Internal Affairs minister, pin infightings and lack of teamwork in the force that has created room for infiltration and to be termed ‘mafia’ police

He said that police image is on the attack and called all police directors to find an immediate solution for this as the force has lost its role and place in the community.

“I would love that we find time to review what has brought us to this level, we need to discuss pertinent issues affecting police, self criticism and I suggest that we should have no attribution thereafter” he said.

He also launched the police 2017/2018 strategic and work plans.

The police camp will last for two days at Kigo

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