Police Brutality victim George Floyd was a p00n3tar – HOT VIDEO

George Floyd

Police Brutality victim George Floyd was a p00n3tar – FULL VIDEO AND PHOTOS

BREAKING NEWS – Police brutality victim George Floyd’s job has been revealed. News reaching our news desk confirms that Floyd was an actor in an adult film industry. In addition, George Floyd was brutally murdered by a white police officer called Derek Chauvin.

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He kneeled on George Floyd’s neck thus suffocating the Blackman until he breathed his last. However, Floyd had just lost his job as a security guard and also was attached to the adult film industry.

Meanwhile, A lockdown to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus in Minneapolis caused George Floyd to lose his job.

According to a trusted source, the night before the 46-year-old was brutally killed, Christopher Harris who is one of their friends revealed something. In addition, he gave George information about an employment agency in order to find him a temporary job.

However, as we all know, the internet never keeps secrets… George Floyd’s Video and Photos at the adult film channel “The Habib Show” leaked all over the internet. In addition, George Floyd performed with two ebony actors for example Kimberly Brinks and Nelli Tiger.

Floyd and Kimber links before chewing each other apart

Therefore after his death, the adult filmmaker Habib Show tweeted “RIP George Floyd. May you have peace and blessings in the other World? Let us have mercy on them killers’ #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd.


Various protests in Minneapolis have come up and the rest of other parts of the country calling for justice to prevail. In addition, a lot of people have asked the armed forces to always value and respect the lives of the black people.

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