Police and Red Cross rescue a man who collapsed due to hunger

Police and Red Cross rescue a man who collapsed due to hunger

Police and Red Cross Uganda have run to the aid of the man that collapsed today’s morning allegedly due to extreme hunger.

Earlier today, revelers in Kampala city’s new taxi park were left stranded after one of the laborers collapsed this morning within the park premises hence prompting the immediate intervention of the police.

According to his close association, the man identified as Kawalaata has been subjected to severe hunger which eventually took a toll on him and he gave in to unconsciousness this morning when his body could no longer sustain the torture resulting from lack of glucose.

Furthermore, they informed that Kawalaata who has suffered through the torture of hunger usually works as a laborer in the taxi park as he earns from carrying people’s luggage so as to earn peanuts.

However, due to the surge in the cases of people suffering from COVID-19, the President shut down all means of transport especially movement in between district borders for the next 42-days to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Due to this, the new taxi park is out of business since there are no people to travel from the city center hence paralyzing the usually buzzing park. Additionally, traders in the city were also stopped from working meaning there’s no way out.

This only means Kawalaata and many other people in his shoes that were earnings from such jobs have been left jobless and struggling to survive. Since there are no means of transport, there surely isn’t any luggage meant to be carried.

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Even with the UGX 100,000 meant to be given as a relief fund to people affected by the impacts of Covid-19, many Ugandans are still missing out and suffering due to extreme hunger conditions.

Hopefully, Uganda Police and the Uganda Red Cross shall be in position to give Kawalaata the kind of help he requires at this time of great need. In case you can, provide help to incapable people within your society so that we can save more lives from the pandemic of hunger within the Covid-19 pandemic.

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