Please marry me since I’m single like you- Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi pleads to Sheebah Karungi

It looks like the head of all single women aka the ‘nakyeyombekeddes’ in Uganda Sheebah Karungi is about to go off this list and pass on the leadership to another person.

This is after the gradpa of the Kenyan ‘ssekyeyombkeddes’ Eric Omondi proposed to her and asked her for marriage.

While appearing in an interview with Sanyuka TV, Omondi was asked which Ugandan artist he would love to date.

Without even thinking a bit, he started singing Sheebah Karungi’s Go Down Low song featuring Pallaso.

Omondi said that he doesn’t understand a single word but all that the queen karma says just melts his heart.

He added that Sheebah’s character and personality is all that pulls her to him.

Omondi then proceeded to ask Sheebah to marry him in Luganda.

“I would definitely love to date and marry Sheebah Karungi. Her Go down low song attracted me to her. I didn’t understand what she was singing but it kept on melting my heart. I just love her personality and hardwork. Therefore Sheebah please marry me because I love you so much,” Omondi said assisted by Kaiyz.

The funny man further said that he doesn’t want a woman who can cook and clean.

He rather wants one who can respect everyone and has a big heart. Sounds like Sheebah’s perfect description of her dream man.

Omondi who is now 40 years said that he longs for a family where a wife and kids can always welcome him back from work.

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