Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso brutally attacked at Lofoten in South Africa

pallaso pius mayanja

SAD NEWS: Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso has been brutally attacked by unknown people in South Africa. “I went with my friend to a place called Lofoten with my friend called Deno Kiwunya. Meanwhile, when he stopped by the roadside, there were people holding pangas and sticks. In addition, and young children were pointing at me. However, when these young chaps pointed at me, I asked my friend what that meant. In addition, he said don’t worry, those guys are minding their own business. However, after a few minutes, I saw many people converge around shouting at us.

pallaso pius mayanja

Briefly, who is Pallaso?

Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso is a Ugandan artist, songwriter, producer, and videographer. In addition, he sings in Luganda, English, and Kiswahili. He sings Afrobeat, Hip hop, Dancehall, Rnb and Afropop as his music genre. Pallaso started his musical journey way back in 2000 when he started at Leone Island. This is a musical group owned by his elder brother Dr. Jose Chameleone. However, Pius Mayanja later moved to the United States of America (USA) where he lived for ten years. In addition, before returning to Uganda in 2014. He established his own group “Team Good Music”. This is when he returned to his motherland Uganda which is really working well in the Ugandan music industry.

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When Was Pallaso alias Pius Mayanja born?

Pallaso was born 5th September 1987 at Mulago Hospital. He is a son to Mr. Gerald Mayanja and Prossy Mayanja. In addition, he is also one of the 7 children born to the couple.


Pallaso’s Cries as he narrated from his Facebook Live Continued below

He had called one of his brothers whose car was hit, I opened the car door, and I managed to escape. I, however, wanted to get into another car, but I failed. In addition, I got beaten by the South African people, they moved pangas around my body, and I ran for my life. If I was this weak guy, I would be dead by now my brothers and sisters watching me. I ran but as I was crossing the road, I got knocked down by a car, I, therefore, fell on its bonnet when still these people were following me.

pallaso mayanja pius

Also, I managed to call for help from the police but all in vain. I kept on running and I met another group hitting up a Nigerian who was about to lose his life. But guess what helped me, I found a nearby school where I found some security guards who helped and gave me this hideout but still I feel insecure because they are not even caring about me. “pray for me so that I get back home when I am still alive, my brothers, my mother, my children, etc” Pallaso said.

For those who know Kiwunya, I am not sure whether he is still alive because I left when they were hitting up his car. In addition, I don’t know whether he made it, I really don’t know but pray for me because South Africa needs help. Kindly guys call Police if you can because I am at Lofoten, I am not sure if this place. I need your prayers, I need your contacts because I need help, I have been beaten, I have been brutally harassed. Kindly if you know any anyone around this place, please do what you can because I can see many of you online” Pallaso narrated.

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