Photos: Sheebah’s n#des leak


There are some artists that the public wishes they could access their sumbie pics and nudes but unfortunately they can’t.

Among these is self styled queen karma Sheebah Karungi.

The former TNS singer was however one of those to see their nudes leak.

A couple of years ago when even Sheebah herself didn’t have the thought that she would be ruling the airwaves like she’s doing was into some nasty stuff.

The Beera Nange singer’s life was all about drugs, s3x and partying.

In rhe photos that leaked online, Sheebah can be seen posing in some awkward positions with several girls.

In other photos, she’s seen together with some chic and guy all lying down half naked.

Another one shows her in just a panty and bra. This is where the rumors of her being lesbian seem to have started from.

Sheebah by then was said to be serving her beans to a licker, Keko.

They were pictured together in each other’s company and at times caught snogging.

It should also be noted that the songstress has never publicly paraded her man.

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