PHOTOS – Girl chewing pastor Andrew Jengo’s big cassava revealed

pastor Andrew

WOW, a lot of rumor has been circulating on different social media platforms about that girl who is chewing Pastor Andrew Jengo’s cassava… Well according to reports, a one Camila Noorjan who is an employee at ABS TV is the one swinging on his cassava…

During his 23rd birthday celebrations, pastor Andrew Jengo Abizaayo roared out loud that he was still single… In addition, he revealed that he was also still a virgin… Therefore this made slay queens around town start searching for the young pastor’s number so that he saves them from lockdown hunger…

Hmm, rumor has it that the late pastor yiga’s son is enjoying Camila Noorjans beans and sumbie after pictures leaked… In addition, where pastor Jengo was feeding her a piece of cake as he celebrated his birthday in style…

“Thanks for you prayers, it was fantastic, you have now grown up best friend,” Camila Noorjan captioned the viral pictures.

Camila Noorjan

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Well, social media in-laws had their views from their Kafundas claiming that she was serving her beans to the young pastor… Naye soso media… Pastor Jengo has had social media issues more so his current chicken fight with established pastor Jackson Senyonga…

Photos from pastor Andrew Jengo’s birthday celebrations

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