Photos: Doreen Kabareebe parades her sumbie full of aftershave spots


Ugandans on social media are some of the people no matter who you are should go slow while dealing with them.

This is because they will always humble you and put you in your deserved place.

Model Doreen Kabareebe tasted this after she posted a picture of her with her sumbie full of aftershave spots.

She captioned it by saying that each and everyone will one day be put 6ft under the ground.

People should therefore stop thinking that they are so mighty and it seems social media users gave her a dose of her own caption.

They zoomed the photo and pointed out the public hairs that sneaked out of her swim suit.

Others pointed out spots that appear after one shaves and they don’t wax.

They advised her to stop using razor blades to shave her punani.

These went ahead to advise her to buy quality shaving products because they are not so expensive.

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