Peter Sematimba Is A Pro At Seducing Naive Girls To Bed-Maid Reveals In Shocking Details

Yesterday the country was shocked beyond after a one Namatovu Joan came out to accuse politician and media mogul Peter Sematimba of seeking to gain full child custody of a child they share.

People were further shocked on how she would claim to have a child with the man of God yet he’s legally married.

She however narrated her ordeal of how she used to work as a maid at the self styled and flamboyant pastor’s home.

It’s from here that he coerced her into intercourse that eventually resulted into a baby girl who is now 10 years old.

Namatovu said that she was brought to work in the Super FM’s home by his mother in 2005 as a naive 17 year old girl.

She added that she was brought in to replace a maid who had been chased by Sematimba’s wife after he slept with her too.

Two years later, Sematimba’s wife flew to the US when she got pregnant where she currently resides.

This left Hon “Piira” as a free bull to roam around freely in the kraal and soon pounced on Namatovu. Sematimba started enjoying her like unlimited free WiFi.

“At first he called me to scrub his back in the bathroom and I asked why because I had never seen his wife do it. He thereafter called me to his bedroom saying he wanted me to massage him because he was sore after being at the gym.

That was two years after I had arrived. I also went ahead to do that since he was my boss. I would find him lying down because he didn’t want to scare me. He started this time removing his underpants in the days after and would tell me to touch his manhood and massage it. After he would tell me to remove my skirt and it went down severally after we started.” Namatovu narrated to NBS Kayz.

Namatovu who was 19 by then said she had never been with any man and the pastor took advantage. She later got pregnant in 2009.

She also said that he was a pro who knew how to handle naive girls like her and put them in moods.

Namatovu said the reason why she had come out after this long is because Sematimba had sought to take full custody of the child.

She went on to apologise to all those she had hurt saying it wasn’t her intention especially Sematimba’s wife and her kid.

Namatovu went on to appeal to anyone who could help her to gain access to her child. She said she was taken to court by the pastor who seeks to block her from seeing her child.

She said she couldn’t accept to let her child grow up in Sematimba’s house which is like a lodge. This is because he changes women every now and then.

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