People Power Movement launches National Unity Platform (NUP)

People Power unveils National Unity Platform (NUP)

Having been a pressure group for two years since 2018 after the 102b constitution amendment fracas, people power under the leadership of Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has today unveiled the National Unity Platform (N.U.P) as the people power political wing and party ahead of 2021 general elections and also unveiled the political party symbol which is the Umbrella of two colors red and white with the former people power log.

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National Unity Platform (N.U.P) is a fully registered political party for now 16 years. In addition, and the old leadership handed the party to people power principle Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu following consultations and the delegates conference that was held on 14th-July-2020.

National Unity Platform symbol
National Unity Platform symbol

In his remarks, Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu said that;

In 2018, our legal team tried to reserve the name people power, just in case we needed to formally register at some point. As expected, we found that this name had been reserved and flagged so that we could not register it.

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Since then we have continued to struggle as a political and social movement advocating for change. Therefore, while we believe so much in a multi-party democracy, we knew that the present circumstances have been largely restrictive of political parties. You have all observed the challenges encountered by parties such as the FDC. Our view then was that we should maintain the People Power Movement as the glue. In addition, that brings all people together, regardless of their political affiliations.

National Unity Platform symbol

I know there are those who may ask themselves where this leaves comrades and fellow leaders who belong to other political organizations, in the coming days we shall embark on the process of formalizing the people Alliance which will be comprised of different political formations which have been working with and those that will be willing to join us. He added.

  This move has come in a time where utterances of Norbert Mao the president general of Democratic Party were making rounds on social media comparing people power to a school without a center number, that at the time of exams all students are shipped to the school with a center number (Registered political parties).

This means that over 10,000 aspirants who have been picking and returning nomination forms to people power offices have been directly ferried to the new party.

In addition, and the successful candidates will be accorded with the National Unity Platform card and hence being the flag barrier in the 2021 general elections.

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This may leave most of the old political parties that failed to align with Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu and his former pressure group limping since they are to lose most of their support and prominent members to the new party.

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