“People are going be forced to look for the cheaper sources of data,” – internet expert reveals

minister of finance matia kasaija

The government of Uganda is proposing to remove the OTT but impose a tax on the internet data (MBs).

According to the Ministry of Finance, OTT had yielded less revenue than it was anticipated due to the fact that most of the internet users resorted to VPNs which by-pass the OTT internet logical access rule. The other taxes table include; one on beer and another on rental income.

The move to remove OTT is a clear proof that the government failed to block the use of VPNs to enforce the tax payment.

According to an internet expert, Mwagalwa Bob Joel the move to put the internet data tax will force ugandans to look for cheaper sources of data to survive.

In our discussion today, Bob shared his expert views giving possible options Ugandans may take to source data.

Bob’s opinion is as follows;

When OTT was introduced I told people that that’s the greatest mistake the Ugandan government has ever done but they will see it in the future.
People learnt how to use VPNs and surely they had to just turn off the internet during elections making losses since VPNs couldn’t be bypassed as they thought before.

When the government turns that bill into a a law, data will slightly go high and this will mean people will have to look for cheaper means.
Right now most IT people are creating small virtual private servers and using injector tools to access free data.

If the government implements a heavy tax people are going to be forced to look for cheaper sources of data by either learning the even less complex way of creating VPS servers which exploits ISPs’ loopholes.

Mwagalwa Bob Joel is a Certified Cyber Security Expert with a Comptia Security +, HCIA and Cisco Security Certification. He is also into telecommunication, networking and system administration using Windows and Linux systems.

The Minister of Finance is pushing this bill and if all goes well it will turn into a law amongst others being proposed.

It is also good to note that imposing this tax on the MBs will automatically override the use of VPNs making it a must for one to access internet as opposed to OTT.

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