Peng Peng exposes how Bobi Wine aided Lumbuye in stealing people’s money

Sweden based blogger Peng Peng has come out to expose how Turkey based NUP propagandist Fred Lumbuye Kajjubi orchestrated his plot to con innocent people thousands of dollars aided by Bobi Wine.

It should be recalled that Lumbuye was allegedly arrested and held incommunicado by the Ugandan government last year.

A lot of controvwry surrounded his arrest and this saw NUP top honchos launch a mission to rescue him and prevent his ‘deportation.’

The Government also said that it was responsible for Lumbuye’s arrest and he would be brought back home to answer for his cyber crimes.

Campaigns and fundraisers to help rescue Lumbuye were launched and he consequently resurfaced.

In one of his recent live videos, he questuoned about the accountability of the funds collected.

This did not sit down well with some NUP fans who said that instead of narrating his prison time his minds were fixed on the money.

The campaign was led by Patricia Ssewungu who was vocal in collecting the money to rescue him.

Now Peng Peng has come out to say that Ssewungu herself knew Lumbuye hadnever been arrested from the start but she aided him.

She’s however decided to expose him after the money brewed disagreements.

Peng Peng however said that Lumbuye is a smart man who decided to use his opportunity and make money from unsuspecting Ugandans when he had the chance.

Besides, propaganda is expensive in a struggle and has to be paid for.

Peng Peng added that Bobi Wine knew Lumbuye’s contributions to the struggle and decided to give him ‘fasi’ to achieve his goal by posting him.

“Sometimes you have to pay for propaganda because it’s very expensive and I thank Bobi Wine too. Lumbuye contributed a lot to the struggle that’s why Bobi Wine’s post helped Lumbuye a lot to get the money. Other NUP leaders like Muwadda also blew Lumbuye’s ambitions,” Peng said.

The blogger who was a NUP diehard during the elections said that Opposition relies on stunts and sympathy .

For the government claiming to be behind Lumbuye’s arrest, Peng Peng said that politics is mind game.

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