Pearl Dairy unveils Shs 9.25 billion tetra packaging line

Pearl Dairy Farms Limited (PDFL), the manufacturer of Lato Milk branded products, have installed a Shs 9.25 billion Tetra Pak production line.

The newly installed production line is meant to produce a new range of UHT milk products that are durable and convenient for consumers so as to boast the dairy sector in Uganda and fully utilize the available milk.

Basing on Bijoy Varghese the General Manager at Pearl Dairy said that this new line of the tetra pak shall specifically ensure that the milk is kept in an environment that is sterile keeping it fresh for consumers.

Therefore, milk shall have a longer span which can be estimated at a year in case the milk is refrigerated while the milk can stay fresh for in between seven to ten days after it has been opened and is kept in a refrigerator.

In the lines of trade, the products can therefore be transported to countries even beyond East Africa due to their increased lifeline and that means that Pearl Dairy Farm Limited’s trade lines shall be expanded.

“The new Tetra Pak packaging delivers the best in-class re-sealable closure technology in the industry currently which will allow consumers to safely store the pack at home without the worry of spoilage with maximum convenience of use. This new line will also allow us to buy more milk from farmers as it has capacity to produce over 130,000 litres per day,” Bijoy informed.

While speaking of the product, Bijoy went on to say that the new pack shall give Lato Milk a smart, innovative and fresh look different from the usual packaging Lato Milk has been providing.

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“Along with the freshness it will also offer a new environmentally sound packaging solution for customers with an opening for packaging materials components derived from sugarcane. The partnership will also mean that the company will continue to invest in its dairy extension programme that it runs in Uganda to support the local dairy farmers by providing several activities that are intended to train them on best practices in dairy management, focusing on productivity and milk quality improvement,” he went on to say.

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