Pastor Yiga denied bail

Pastor Yiga denied bail. Pastor Augustine Yiga of Revival Church Kawaala has been denied bail by the judge court in Mengo.

The disputable minister was captured for utilizing his TV channel to tell the open that coronavirus was non-existent in Africa basing on the way that there are no passings in numerous African nations.

He had introduced representatives and junior ministers as his sureties as he continued looking for brief opportunity through bail.

Pastor Yiga denied bail
Pastor Yiga

On Thursday, Lubaga Grade One Magistrate Timothy Lumunye denied the dubious minister bail saying that the sureties introduced were not considerable and can’t compel him to come back to court according to states of the bail.

The officer likewise said that Yiga had not given proof to demonstrate he is diabetic as he asserted in his bail application.

He clarified that since the report about the coronavirus has made uneasiness, stress, budgetary trouble after the presidential mandate on lockdown yet the government is attempting to keep individuals from the open safe, it is just reasonable that Yiga is kept in jail.

The justice remanded Yiga up to May 5, 2020, when his application will be thought of.

In other words, Yiga acted carelessly which is probably going to cause the spread of infection. Over remarks, he made in the media in respect of the lethal coronavirus.

Kampala Metropolitan Police representative, Patrick Onyango said Yiga’s announcements wild and solicited individuals from the general population to dismiss them.

“The activities of Pastor Yiga advance the spread of the COVID-19 and can in this manner considered. Therefore, as an immediate assault on the individuals of the Republic of Uganda. We claim to people, in general, to stop from making bogus or disturbing articulations worried over COVID-19. And negligence data, not from approved government structures,” Onyango said for instance.

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Similarly, area 171 of the Penal Code Act discusses an individual who includes themselves in a careless demonstration. Prone to spread an irresistible infection perpetrates wrongdoing. Pastor Yiga denied bail.

“Any individual who unlawfully or carelessly does any demonstration which is and which the individual knows. In addition, has the motivation to accept to probably spread the contamination of any infection risky. To live submits and offense and is subject to detainment for a long time,” the Penal Code Act says.

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