Pastor Jengo is a drunkard and a witch doctor – Pastor Senyonga

Pastor Jengo is a drunkard and a witch doctor - Pastor Senyonga

News making rounds on the internet is for a chicken fight between pastor Jackson Ssenyonga and the late pastor Yiga’s son Andrew Jengo. Pastor Senyonga is just not ready to let the late pastor Yiga to rest in peace as he is still hitting hard on the late and his family.


If you are a social media addict, you very well know how pastor Senyonga talked negative stuff about the late pastor Yiga immediately after his death… In addition, he called for a press conference and revealed how pastor Yiga had infected very many girls in his church with HIV…

He also said that the late pastor performed fake miracles in a move to cone money from his followers… Hmm, very many people from various came out and criticized pastor Senyonga for his behavior… However, he seems not to give up the battle very soon as he has now shifted it to the late pastor’s son pastor Andrew Jengo.

Pastor Senyonga says that pastor Jengo is another fake pastor just his dad. In addition, he says that he has proof of him going to different bars around Kampala to get drunk.

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“Jengo is another fraud star just like his dad, we also know and have proof of him going to different bars to get drunk. As soon as Yiga learned that he was about to die, he trained his son to keep on his legacy as a witch doctor and a false prophet hiding in the name of God” pastor Senyonga said.

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