Parliament rejects Byabashaija’s re-appointment

Parliament rejects Byabashaija’s re-appointment. The Parliament’s Appointments Committee has dismissed the re-arrangement of the Commissioner-General of the Uganda Prisons Services (UPS) Dr. Johnson Byabashaija and that of his assigned Deputy referring to protected age necessity.

Gatherings for the Appointment Committee are held away from public scrutiny yet sources near the board of trustees procedures for Monday’s reviewing sitting uncovered that Dr. Byabashaija’s arrangement for another term was dismissed on the record of his age since he is expected for retirement.

Parliament rejects Byabashaija re-appointment
Dr. Byabashaija Presidential’s Appointee for Prisons Commissioner General

Dr. Byabashaija is 62 years of age yet as per the Public Service standing requests, as far as, possible for the community worker to select for such a position ought to be 60 years.

At the point when some information about this obstacle after his reviewing, Dr. Byabashaija contemplated that being an agreement work, the age issue doesn’t emerge.

“I have been in Prison for long. As a matter of fact, this is my fifteenth year as Commissioner-General Prisons. Therefore, I am 62 years, I chip away at three-year contracts. I resigned from Public Service in 2005 and I have been working in Prisons from that point forward, I figure they will favour me,” he said.

Parliament Appointment Committee set out to keep in touch with President Museveni to name new representatives, yet the advisory group didn’t just swing the hatchet towards Dr. Byabashaija, yet his assigned Deputy James Mwanje as well, dismiss on grounds of being of cutting edge age.

Parliament’s anger likewise felt by my chosen people to the Leadership Code Tribunal who incorporate. However, Irene Karugonjo Segawa dismissed as Chairperson, Leadership Code Tribunal since she doesn’t have the imperative capability for the activity that requires an appointed authority or promoter of the High Court, for instance, Parliament rejects Byabashaija re-appointment.

Therefore, the others on the Tribunal whose arrangement binned are; Jane Okelowange, Didas Bakunzi Mustasha, and Joyce Nalunga Birirmumaso, and on this classification, Parliament set to keep. In touch with the Judicial Service Commission a body mindful of supporting these names and assign new individuals for instance.

The board of trustees led by Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga just passed Asuman Kiyinhi, the assigned Leadership Code delegate Chairman.

Be that as it may, it wasn’t just terrible news for the chosen people like Dr. Atingi-Ego who cruised through as the Deputy Governor of Bank of Uganda and everything left for the President to affirm his arrangement, making way for him to supplant Dr. Louis Kasekende.

Prisons Administration set to release 2000 prisoners

In conclusion, Equity Jane Abodo additionally affirmed as the new DPP supplanting Mike Chibita. Ms. Abodo and Dr. Atingi-Ego’s arrangements recognized by the board of trustees.

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