Parliament crushes rumor of Oulanyah being in Dubai

Jacob Oulanyah gives Kadaga a bloody nose in Speakership race

Parliament has crushed the rumour of Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah being away in Dubai claiming he is in his Muyenga home.

Basing on the Communications Director of Parliament Chris Obore, the reports that have been circulating about the Speaker of Parliament being in Dudai to attain medical treatment are not true and he within the country, at his home in Muyenga.

His communication comes after a local newspaper spread propaganda about the Speaker of Parliament Oulanyah being flown to Dubai due to failure to have his health challenges being handled in the United Kingdom.

This also stirred uproar in the Acholi sub-region as the voters came out to demand legislators for one of their representatives to Parliament and also the Speaker of Parliament who was out of sight.

In retaliation, Chris Obore through his Twitter handle informed that whatever had been said was false and the Speaker was actually in good health back in his Muyenga home.

“Forget the Dubai things. He is at home in Muyenga. Well-wishers, supporters, and the country should not worry,” read Chris Obore’s tweet.

This isn’t the first time Chris Obore has come out to erase allegations that the Speaker’s health is in a poor condition as the first time, he dismissed news that indicated that the politician had been flown to U.K for treatment.

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“The Speaker is well and having time with his children at home. He has been in campaigns for more than a year. Family is as important as a national duty,” Obore had said after rumours had spread.

However, this has not helped the anxiety which is rising in the country since the Speaker of Parliament has not appeared to chair the August house in such a long time.

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