OS Suuna reveals how Radio&Weasel used and dumped him

Singer OS Suuna has come out to reveal how the once magnetic duo of Radio and Weasel used and dumped him during the start of there career.

Suuna made the comments while appearing on NTV’s Mwasuzze Mutya program.

The Gambler singer said that he worked on four of the Goodlyf’s songs but wasn’t paid even a single penny.

Suuna mentioned some of the songs which included Nakudata which was their breakout song, Zuena, Ngamba and Lwaki Onumya.

Suuna added that the only reward he got from working with the pair is a broken Pam Award for song of the year which was awarded for the Nakudata song.

“I worked on some songs with the Goodlyf and mastered four of their songs at the start of their careers. The only thing I got was the Pam Award for Nakudata in 2008. It’s also broken because when they read the winner I rushed to the stage before them. They found me back stage and there was a scuffle. I told them to take the 2m shillings that came along with the award and let me take the award. It’s at home even broken,” Suuna said.

He has for long been accusing the Goodlyf for jealousy and sabotage especially when Nigeria defunct duo Psquare wanted to remix the Nakudata song.

Suuna however says that he caught up with the late Radio before his demise and talked about the issue.

He added that however neither of the duo was apologetic to what they did to him.

Suuna tasked Weasel to come out and deny the claims if they are false.

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