‘Omugenzi Ekyamusse’ sensation Godfrey Jjemba bags himself luxurious gifts

The saying goes that don’t give up on yourself as long as you are still breathing.

This is the same story of Mzee Godfrey Jjemba who has become an overnight sensation on social media.

Mzee Jjemba has become a popular meme on different social media platforms which led to different media platforms hunting him down thus winning himself some luxurious goods.

His popular phrase “Omugenzi Ekyamusse’ has become a meme on social media with everyone using to crack jokes.

Jjemba was gifted an iPhone by Sage buyer.

His miraculous change in lifestyle did not stop there.

Fundraising has already commenced to buy him a motorcycle and renovate his house as announced by Ugandans on Twitter president Patrick Kanyonozi.

NTV news anchor Solomon Kaweesa has volunteered to collect the funds from all well wishers.

Jjemba is a reader of announcements on funerals.

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