Old students of St. Bernard’s SS Mannya to gather for massive reunion

KAMPALA Alumni of St. Bernard’s ss Mannya under their umbrella body the St. Bernard’s ss Mannya Old Students Association (SBEMOSA) will gather to celebrate memories and catch up with old friends at a massive reunion slated for January 26.

The boisterous old students from the classes of the 1980s, many of whom have not seen each other for many years, will have a grand reunion over this month after getting in touch through social media.

The event is spearheaded by the new St. Bernard’s ss Mannya (SBEMOSA) leadership as one of the major activities to bolster the school’s visibility.

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The event whose theme is “bringing togetherness within old St. Bernard’s ss Mannya Students” is open to all alumni who attended the school in any year.

The Chairman organizing committee who also doubles as association Vice President Ms. Harriet Nakawooya said she has great memories of the school.

She revealed that old friends will be reunited and the evening will be filled with stories and reminiscences since their old days at their ‘alma mater’.

St. Bernard’s SS Mannya
St. Bernard’ ss Mannya main building. It is one of the oldest structures. Far-right is the staff quarters.  (PHOTO/Courtesy)

Nakawooya added that the Sunday night will be full of laughter, mouthwatering meals and brain-building chats. In addition at the AER Lounge in Kamwokya, Kampala, with attendees expected to travel from as far away as Masak. Also, Mbarara, Jinja and many other parts of the country.

She said old students will find more reason to keep this spirit of interaction.

Reminiscing over his school days, Mr. Vicent Mukisa one of the event organisers said a recent visit to his old school brought him floods of fond memories. “I can’t wait for the day to share them”.

“It is indeed a pleasure to have this dinner take place.

I am so excited to meet with other old students of St. Bernard’s ss Mannya on one table after ages,” added Mukisa.

St. Bernard’s SS Mannya

“We hope to share exciting and inspirational moments as well as unveil the SBEMOSA committee 2020 plans and activities aiming towards the association and school development,” said the Vice President.

“I call upon all the old students and well-wishers to turn out on that date to share the ‘Gattuso’ and others memories,” he added saying “there will be massive fun”.

The SBEMOSA reunion dinner will be held on Sunday, January 26, from 5.30 pm until 11.30 pm at the AER Lounge in Kamwokya, Kampala.

This is going to be the first reunion of ex-students ever in the history of the school that is rising beyond the recent arson attacks.

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