Oh No!! Rema tells her racial abuse experience in Turkey (Video


Well did you think that we are different colors one people? Maybe that’s how you interprete it but it’s not the case for everyone.

Racial abuse cases don’t seem to decrease especially in European countries despite the numerous awareness campaigns.

Ugandan songstress Rema Namakula was subjected to racial prejudice together with her BFF Evelyn Namulondo.

In a social media video, the Clear singer said that as they were at the airport in Turkey after a performance headed to London, they got the shock of their life.

A young kid looked at them and started crying as she pointed to them signaling the mother. The mother then referred to them as monkeys.

A shocked Rema said that she didn’t think such things still happen. She thought that such cases had decreased but she was looked at with her friend like it was centuries ago when black people were used to pick cotton under tough conditions by the white enslavers.

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