OFFICIAL – Interlet Limited Launches Cyclone Biz

Interlet Limited

KAMPALA – Interlet limited has today launched another new website dubbed to cater to online business content. The event was held on 1st May 2021 at their head office in Banda Kampala Uganda. This is the second website Interlet limited is launching after they launched in December 2017.

Briefly, Interlet Limited is an ICT company that offers services for example website design & development, Graphics Designing, ICT Training, ICT Internships, Software Development, Digital Marketing and ICT Consultancy.

Director Media services at Interlet Limited Mr. Dhikusooka Brian revealed that Cyclone Biz will bring that feel that the business owners haven’t experienced for the past years.

“Covid-19 hit businesses hard in the country and it was very hard to get access to current business content. Therefore Interlet Limited identified the gap and surely, it had to come up with an immediate solution amidst the existing ones. A lot of content creators out there have neglected the business sector which leaves many businesses in the dark. Today we have launched this platform to give our advertisers more mileage into the business niche. Also, we shall ensure that our people are given the latest adjustments and updates in the line of business,” Dhikusooka Brian said.

Interlet Limited
Dhikusooka Brian

Mukisa Vicent CEO Interlet limited said that the website is intended to empower the business sector in the key areas which matter to our nationals and the country at large

“It’s an honor for us as a company to realize this milestone. The establishment of this website is intended to empower the business sector in the key areas which matter to our nationals and the country at large.

We found it relevant to prioritize some of the core ignored sectors in the media like real estates, tourism, and ICT in Business and boost them through news and media.

Such sectors are key to our economy today, and therefore need a well-structured strategy of promotion for the country’s benefit,” Mukisa Vicent CEO Interlet limited said.

“Also, these sectors are the fastest growing industries and the must-have for the stable economic growth and therein, our input holds.

We intend to work closely with traders, investors, real estate agencies, tourism boards and the banking sector to provide the necessary information for decision making and influence awareness in the key areas of the economy.

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We also see this as an avenue to create more employment opportunities for the youths through our employment programme which sees journalists, ICT professionals and more acquiring jobs to work with our company.

Interlet Ltd is continuously planning and investing more in the news and media industry and after this step, we hope to empower the media and production services,” Mukisa Vicent added.

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