Anti riot police crash Makerere students, hundreds arrested

The Anti-riot police has clobbered Makerere University students on Monday morning and arrested hundreds in connection with rioting including the newly elected president Mr Papa Were Salim.

According to Mr Martins Kato, the information minister, Mr Papa was arrested on Monday morning and taken to unknown destination but Cyclone Times has learnt that the guild president was help at Wandegaya police Station.

Other were also held at Wandegeya police station and CPS police station in Kampala.

However, Mr Kato warned police to immediately release the students or else they will continue from where they have stopped today (Monday).

Students also accuse the police for using a lot of force and allegedly throwing two bombs to students at Lumumba hall as they were striking against “draconian policies”.

The former academic minister, Mr Simon Wanyera, alleges that police thrown two bombs to striking students at Lumumba hall and they have resolved to run to courts of law over violating their constitutional rights. “Two bombs were thrown at Lumumba hall not teargas please this is so unfortunate we are taking the police to court we have our own rights,” Wanyera said.

“Our beautiful ladies, our beautiful sisters have been thoroughly beaten we know the very police goons that beat them up and we are taking the matter to court because we have all to strike if an anomaly is never responded to” he added.

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