NUP propagandist Lumbuye on the run as Interpol warrants his arrest

Controversial and motor mouthed social media blogger Fred Lumbuye Kajjubi is currently on the run and in hiding after Interpol warranted his arrest.

Lumbuye who identifies himself as a NUP diehard is fond of spreading baseless and fake news which has of recent become poisonous to the country.

Some of his misleading information had really caused security threats in the country.

Lumbuye at one time alleged that the Kabaka of Buganda, His Highness Ronald Mwenda Mutebi had been killed by his Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga on the orders of President Museveni.

He went ahead to rally the Baganda to take to the streets and demand for the Kabaka’s body.

However, the Kabaka later made a public appearance for his birthday although looking frail.

This was not the only occasion Lumbuye made daring accusations.

He said that the late Archbishop Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga had been killed on the orders of President Museveni.

Lumbuye went ahead to say that the Bishop’s body had been taken to the President’s Kisozi farm where Mama Fina was invited to perform rituals on it.

In the recent allegations, Lumbuye announced President Museveni and his son Gen Muhozi Kainerugaba had succumbed to COVID 19.

The first family was however looking for a proper way and successor before making the shocking announcement according to Lumbuye.

These however too later made public appearances squashing Lumbuye’s baseless allegations.

Lumbuye has been having a huge following of people who even think that what he says is actually true.

The list of allegations said by Lumbuye goes on and on but it seems he won’t be around the streets for some time.

This comes after President Museveni ordered for the arrest of all those who were spreading fake news pertaining to his death.

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