NUP leaders criticize government for delaying to release relief funds

NUP leaders criticize government for delaying to release relief funds

Leading opposition party National Unity Platform (NUP) members have criticized the government for delaying to release relief aid to vulnerable Ugandans.

Initially, government had announced the distribution to have been set for Wednesday, however, when the date was due, government changed the agenda stating that the lists were infiltrated with “ghost” beneficiaries.

Basing on the Minister of Gender, Betty Amongi, the lists had been filled with false beneficiaries which lead them to resolve that the registration process should shift from the hands of local council leaders, to those of Uganda Bureau of Statistics and town clerks.

It is upon these grounds that NUP leaders came out to criticize the government process of distributing relief aid funds to vulnerable Ugandans.

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The party’s Vice President for the Eastern region, John Baptist Nambeshe said the entire process was just a fraud in which the entrusted Local Council Chairpersons decided to register non-vulnerable Ugandans.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja initially announced that government would provide UGX 100,000 for vulnerable Ugandans meant to cater for them and their challenges during the 42-days lockdown.

However, this scheme has been met with a lot of criticism especially from opposition as Dr. Kizza Besigye said that such peanuts would be too little for Ugandands to survive in the next 42-days.

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