NTV presenter Etania Mutoni N#des leave men salivating

NTV presenter Etania Mutoni’s leaked nudes have left men fantasizing about her gorgeous goddess like body.

These are believed to have been leaked by her boyfriend after they got disagreements.

She puts everything on display although the pics didn’t leak in plenty.

The sexy Etania rose to fame during the pandemic ladden NTV Dance Party mix editions.

She instantly became a hit and had men talking in whispers about her.

It was alleged that she was dating TNS boss Jeff Kiwa at the moment but later dumped him for DJ Slick Stuart.

Etania has over time been dropping her half naked pics on Instagram.

Soap, lotions and cooking oil are some of the commodities Etania’s followers buy most because they can’t help it.

In case you see the prices of those commodities go up like fuel, it wil be Etania to blame.

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