NRM top boss and Lira radio station CEO’s s3x tape leaks

Okello Ken the CEO of QFM in Lira decided that he would be the first to unleash a s3x tape this year and hell yes he’s done it.

Okello who is a top NRM boss in Lira is remembered for having blocked NUP president Bobi Wine studio time on his station.

He at first told Bobi Wine that each hour spent in the studio is Shs 6 million. However later on he canceled his offer to Bobi Wine.

So you can guess who is the happiest with this tape leaking, NUP social media warriors.

Ken in the video is seen doing it with this girl who is seated on top of him. She gives him a riding of his life that he won’t ever forget.

Let’s not waste much of your time and let you have a full view of the video below.

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