No p@nties no problem for Nina Roz and Lydia Jazmine


Having a strong sexual appeal is one of the factors that female musicians use to pull their fans amd keep them glued to their music.

Even though these artists are not as talented to deserve the attention they crave for, using their sexual prowess always gets them there.

Besides, even the talented ones use this tool because it’s as strong as a magnet to a metal.

Among Ugandan female artists who have always used their sex appeal to pull fans is the talented Lydia Jazmine.

Being single, most men always run after her and she surely knows how to keep fans entertained.

She took to her social media handles and dropped a video of her in a skimpy seductive sexy outfit.

One thing clear about it is that she had no panties under it. This is not the first time that the Masukka singer is downplaying the necessity of wearing undergarments.

On several occasions she’s always showed her off in bare clothes and nothing under.

Meanwhile it seems like she inspired another artist, Nina Roz in wearing such an outfit.

The Wanji singer also posted a video of her in an outfit that resembled Jazmine’s.
So who wore it better for you.

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