No man can taste and leave me because I’m so sweet and oceanic- Diana Nabatanzi says (Video)

The Banyankore have a saying that if you know yourself to be so sweet, then your bound to die of slaps like a jackfruit (wayemanya obunuzi noyitwa empi nka ffene).

And although BBS Diana Nabatanzi is yet to die of slaps, she surely knows herself about being so sweet and bearing waters of Atlantic Ocean.

While appearing on the Kasukali program that she co-hosts on BBS TV, Diana said that she knows herself of being so sweet and wet.

Therefore no man can do a one night stand with her and fail to come back. Nabatanzi wondered how even this can happen to her since ‘her mama groomed her so well.’ And she’s naturally endowed.

Nabatanzi also vowed never to let any man do a one night stand with her. When her co presenter said that maybe her game maybe lacking if the man doesn’t come back, Nabatanzi said that is impossible because the man wouldn’t be the first to taste her goodies.

Video is attached below.

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