No fully vaccinated Ugandan has died of COVID-19 -Jane Ruth Aceng

201 Test Positive As Uganda's COVID-19 Cases Reach 4101 - Jane Ruth Aceng.

Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng has come out to refute claims that some fully vaccinated Ugandans have died of covid-19. According to the Health Minister, no evidence has been produced to support the claims that Ugandans who are fully vaccinated have acquired severe infections and died of the deadly coronavirus disease.

Previously, some claims on social media had come out to indicate that some fully vaccinated Ugandans had contracted Covid-19 and died from complications arising due to exposure to the virus.

While speaking to the media, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng came out to inform that the Ministry had decided to dig into the matter only to realize that these were empty claims without any evidence to support them.

Basing on findings from Ministry of Health experts, it was discovered that majorly of the infected patients had not been vaccinated at all while the minority had received only one of the vaccine doses.

“The team investigated data from 200 patients in the current wave and it showed that only 11 patients (5%) had received at least one dose and the majority 189 (95%) had not received any vaccination by the time of admission,” said the Minister.

The results further indicate that no single hospitalized patient had been fully vaccinated against the virus as the social media allegations had earlier on come out to indicate to the public.

“Therefore there is no evidence to support the allegations that fully vaccinated persons have acquired severe infection and died in Uganda,” said the Minister of Health while addressing the media.

Dr. Jane Ruth also said the study is still underway and the public shall be informed of any new developments in regards to the insinuations that had been made earlier on so as to clear the air.

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Conclusively, Dr. Aceng said Ugandans that qualify to get the second jab of the COVID-19 vaccine should go to the closest designated health facility and get the second jab so as to protect themselves against the virus.

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