Nince Henry warns Spice Diana about witchcraft in Makindye

Mpola mpola singer Nince Henry has come out to warn singer and friend Spice Diana about the stinking witchcraft in Makindye.

Nince Henry says that most artists who live in Makindye don’t wish others well. They are just pretenders but have very bad hearts and intentions.

He further added that most of these live off witchcraft as they think that it will make them prosper and be better than others.

The singer who collaborated with Spice Diana on the ‘Body’song advised her to leave the place.

“There’s a huge part of the music industry in Uganda that literally resides in makindye. But what defines most of the artistes who stay in makindye is sarcasm in form of flattery and insincere smiles. Basiiba mu kwelwanyisa mbu beloga. Nabalya mubanabwe enkwe all the time. Some of my friends like Spice Diana I wish you leave and come to ntinda. Young boys obasanga mbu banywa mindi. Very silly and backward mindset for sure. I have so many friends there and I feel bad for them all the time!” Nince Henry posted on his Facebook page.

There are a number of artists who live in Makindye. This is due to the easy accessibility and availability of studios there.

This is not the first time that artists in the music industry in Uganda have been accused of dwelling on witchcraft for survival.

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