Nina Roz to take Daddy Andre to court

Local female singer Nina Kankunda yesterday announced how she’s taking her ex Daddy Andre to court.

The ‘Omuliro’ singer said that she joined Daddy Andre’s Black Market Records with a promise that her career was going to be pushed higher.

She was however disappointed that by the time she left the label, no much progress had been achieved in regards to her music career.

Nina added that her YouTube channel was also confiscated but she’s going to handle the matter legally.

“I learnt a lot from being there in the camp. Every good and bad thing always has a lesson for me. They had promised to steer my career but I’m disappointed that after leaving the camp, they confiscated my YouTube channel. That’s something am going to handle legally in the courts of law.” Nina said.

She was questioned whether she’s still in touch with Daddy Andre who a few days ago said that he’s never broken up with her.

Andre added that they are still lovers and in touch.

Nina however declined to comment about the issue simply walking away from the interviewer.

She also trashed the rumors that have been making rounds alleging that she went back to using drugs.

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