New UNBS boss to focus on improving the private sector

Mr. David Livingstone Ebiru, the recently appointed Uganda National Bureau of Standards Executive Director has said he will focus on the private sector so as to double current achievements.

Basing on him, one of the main challenges is that micro, small, medium enterprises (MSMEs) have failed to embrace standards which is dragging them behind and forcing them to lag behind.

So he believes that if MSMEs can be convinced to join in with the rest and embrace standards, then they will be able to access and raise standards accordingly until they get to a satisfactory level.

The above so happens to be just one of his planned strategies in the next five years of his term so that he can see to it that the current achievements of UNBS are improved as well as standards of local products.

“The UNBS focus in the next five years is to double what has been done so far, by increasing focus on private sector development, agro-industrialisation, manufacturing and a sustainable petroleum resources programme,” informed Ebiru to media.

Mr. Ebiru has held the position of execution director of UNBS since Novembe  last year  following the retirement of former executive director Ben Manyindo.

He was however on Tuesday appointed to the as the current executive director of UNBS and it was during an interview with the press that he stated his plan for ensuring a double achievements the next five years.

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