Neither Pallaso nor Walukaaga has ever chewed my b3ans- Sasha Brighton clarifies


Rumors have always had it how local female singer Sasha Brighton Kalungi has seen numerous spears from different artists such as Pallaso and Mathias Walukaaga.

However, speaking to Sanyuka TV’s Kaiyz, the Kabiite singer said that neither of the two have ever pierced her meat. Its actually only one person in the limelight that has ever feasted on her sumbie and that is none other than playboy Herbert Shonga.

She even declined to reveal her baby daddy who she said is a camera shy person and doesn’t like to be in the public eye and she therefore wants to keep it that way.

Sasha added that being a very beautiful woman will always have her linked to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

“I have never dated neither of Pallaso or Walukaaga. Pallaso is my real good friend and someone who is real. Its the reason I appeared in his music video and we are so close. Walukaaga is just a fellow musician and I don’t know why people link him to me.

Besides I have only had one public relationship and that was with my ex Shonga but the rest are private. For my baby daddy, I won’t reveal him because he prefers to be kept out of the media and I respect that,” she said.

Her latest child is her second child and is also from a different man than her first born. She however says that both her baby daddies have been able to provide assistance meaning that she’s not a single mother.

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