Nantaba accused police of distorting Ssebulime murder evidence


Former Minister and Kayunga Woman MP Idah Nantaba has pointed fingers at Police for allegedly tampering with Ronald Ssebulime murder evidence.

Nantaba had appeared in court as one of the state witnesses to the case in which Ssebulime who was handcuffed had been shot at by one Corporal David Ssali back in the year of 2019.

In her capacity as a state witness, Nantaba appeared before the Mukono region State Attorney Aisha Naluza at the Mukono High Court to clarify if the motorcycle presented in court as an exhibit is the same motorcycle the deceased had been using.

Upon looking at the motorcycle in question, Nantaba argued that adjustments had been made on the motorcycle as it appeared to have been in better shape than the one that was in Ssebulime’s possession back in 2019.

According to her, the lights appear to have been replaced with new ones while the number plate which was initially tied with a rope was likely removed while repairs were being made. She went on to say that the handle used to carry bags is also tied to the bike being presented in court.

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Due to this, Nantaba requested that the motorcycle being presented in court should be compared to the one appearing in pictures that were taken by the Crime Investigations Division headquarters back in 2019.

The State Attorney therefore requested that the prosecution be granted time to dig deeper into the evidence presented before court while Justice Kaweesi adjourn the court session to today’s morning.

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