Nakasongola prison female inmates test positive for COVID-19

Nakasongola prison female inmates

Twenty female inmates from Nakasongola prison have been confirmed to have tested positive for covid-19.

Initially, the inmates had complained of Covid-19 like symptoms which includes difficulty in breathing among others hence prompting a medical investigation to be carried out so as to establish the challenge.

After extracting their samples from Nakasongola health center IV, they were forwarded to Uganda Virus Research Institute where the tests were conducted concluding that they had in deed contracted the deadly virus.

Basing on the Nakasongola district Health Officer, the inmates that tested positive were taken to another facility still under Uganda Prisons Services where they will be treated and closely observed.

As for their contacts, twenty-nine inmates have since been put under isolation so as to eradicate any chance of them spreading the virus to other inmates, that’s if they have contracted Covid-19.

Suprising, the district’s health officer also informed that they have not registered any community case of covid-19 which leaves questions of how the inmates may have contracted the disease.

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Uganda prisons mouthpiece Frank Baine says that in deed the inmates have been transferred to Gulu Central Prison where they will attain the needed medical attention while their contacts are being quarantined at the Nakasongola prison.

Additionally, Mr. Baine informed that strict measures have been put in place so as to ensure that the inmates are protected from contracting the virus. Currently, visitors are not being allowed in to the facility.

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