Nabbanja has proved that women’s money is unchewable- Hon Muhammad Ssegirinya

Kawempe North MP Hon Muhammad Ssegirinya has come out to say that the PM Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja just proved the saying that women’s money is hard to be chewed.

This follows the exercise of giving out COVID 19 relief package the government promised to deliver to the people termed as vulnerable.

The exercise commenced and ended a few days ago. However, there was dissatisfaction on how this exercise was carried out as many people alleged to have missed out.

PM Nabbanja has therefore been tasked to release a list of the beneficiaries to see who got the money and who did not.

It’s from this basis that Ssegirinya declared women’s money a hard thing to chew which is a popular saying locally.

“Nabanjja has given meaning to the phrase which say “Sente Y’Omukazi Teliika.” Ssegirinya tweeted.

Meanwhile his sentiments were reechoed by some of his followers while others said this was not her doing but rather orders from above.

“Segirinya the money is here, greedy mps, mwakafe olumbe, in this covid no mp can say let this money go to health.” One user tweeted.

after giving me their money, they wanted to withdraw it back and later block my my mobile money account why???”

“Ziyona amagulu… granny recieved the first 100k then later recieved another bcoz she had a debt she sent 30k n withdrew the 70k but dudes blocked her number n removed the 30k she had sent to a friend…”

“She promised nothing …
We have again nothing”

The MP continues to do his charity work and other ventures aimed at uplifting his constituency dwellers.

Besides building Kawempe hospital, he’s embarked on plans to construct Kawempe North Technical Institute.

This will be aiming at equping peiple with different vocational skills.

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