Muwanga Kivumbi to represent NUP in Buganda Parliamentary caucus chairperson race

Muwanga Kivumbi

National Unity Platform has selected MP Butambala county  Muwanga Kivumbi to represent it in the Buganda Parliamentary caucus chairperson race.

This caucus, the Buganda Parliamentary caucus aims at converging all legislators who represent the various constituencies within the Central region of Buganda irrespective of what political party they belong too.

Through the caucus, legislators discuss beneficial programs and projects for the region then negotiate with the Kabaka’s parliament in Bulanga-Mengo so as to enhance social and economic development of the monarch.

Initially, four candidates from NUP expressed their interest in the chairperson race including Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi who represents Butambala county, David Kalwanga of Busujju county, Betty Nambooze representative of Mukono Municipality and Aloysius Mukasa of Lubaga South.

After hours of debating the issue, a conclusion was drawn that Muwanga Kivumbi would represent National Unity Platform in the speakership race alongside legislators from other political parties.

On the other hand, David Kalwanga was selected to run for the position of treasurer in the caucus, Ntenjeru South’s independent legislator Patrick Nsanja for secretary while Mityana Woman MP Joyce Bagala was selected to run for the Public Relations Officer and Bukomansimbi North MP Dr. Christine Ndiwalana was chosen to run for External Affairs Secretary.

Muwanga Kivumbi’s section did not seat well with Betty Nambooze as she stormed out of the office believing that she is the perfect candidate for the position of the chairperson ship race in the Buganda Parliamentary caucus.

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National Unity Platform spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi said the party has reserved only five positions out of the total number of ten.

Immediately after his endorsement, while speaking to media, Muwanga Kivumbi promised to tackle some of the issues affecting Buganda such as unemployment, land grabbing and evictions once elected into power as the chairperson of the Buganda Parliamentary caucus.

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