Musician Faymous Attacks Black Market Records

Upcoming singer Faymous has come out to attack Black Market records for pulling down his song with Nina Roz on his YouTube account.

The singer a few weeks back released a jam titled Oli Wannge with the diva.

However due to Nina’s ongoing wrangles with the label, the song was put down.

The label is currently in disagreements with some of it’s singers such as Bruno K and Nina Roz.

These accused the label of duping them over contracts signed hence deserting the camp.

Black market however threatened to sue them and pull down any song they do with any other musician.

It’s from this that Faymous went on a rant about the lable criticising them because they didn’t inject a single penny in the release of the song.

The singer said that BMR pulled down the song claiming it’s copyright but this was done with the wrong intentions because they couldn’t get hold of any material of the song.

He went ahead to criticize the label that all they have been doing is asking the musician who is set to collaborate with their musicians to foot all the bills.

Once this is done, they seize the song and the artiste who did all the donkey work ends up the one being featured on his own song.

Faymous adds that Black Market called him the night before the video shoot asking him to foot all Nina’s expenses which his management did.

Faymous further said that after failure to get hold of the audio, BMR lied the video director that he (Famous) had asked BMR to help him promote the song.

He then told the director not to give the video to anyone as he had already learnt their plot of jeopardizing the project.

Faymous also said that after the failure to destabilize the project, they attacked his YouTube and pulled down the song with copyright claims.

He also said that apart from Daddy Andre who is also in the label, all artistes who have partnered with BMR artistes have ended up being featured in their own projects.

He concluded by requesting other artistes to come out and condemn what BMR is doing frustrating musicians.

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