Music industry turns MC Kats into an overnight millionaire

Celebrated media personality and entertainment top dog Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats is currently smiling his way to the bank after being turned into an overnight millionaire. This as he celebrates his birthday that nobody seems to know of how old he is turning.

Kats’ coworker Sheilah Gashumba took to her Twitter page and challenged the music industry to celebrate Kats by gifting him with over 500k. She said that nobody has been at the forefront of pushing Ugandan music than Kats. He therefore needs to be given his flowers when he’s still alive.

This saw a lot of celebrities acknowledge the challenge and started sending the NBS After 5 presenter monies. Among those who sent are TNS boss Jeff Kiwa, Comedy Store boss Alex Muhangi, singer Nina Roz, radio personality Kasuku among others.

There isn’t a single doubt about Kats contribution to the music industry. It has been huge in every sense of the word. Hes managed a number of artists, helped others through media promotion and connections of others.

Most of the artists in the industry have something good to speak about the self styled King of the mic.

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