Museveni’s DNA results out


It seems like upcoming singer Simple K is set to rot in jail until a new government comes to power. This is after the DNA results of Full Figure’s son Museveni Karios Pearl returned and he’s not the father.

Simpe K demanded for a DNA to be conducted on this kid he claimed to have fathered from the presidential advisor. He claimed that in 2019, he met with Full Figure with hopes of getting helped musically.

He had two songs by then all hyping NRM and Full Figure have him conditions to help him out. These included sleeping together and making her pregnant a thing he did without hesitation.

Full Figure however has not been acknowledging him as the father which forced him to run to Makindye Division court demanding for a DNA.

Full Figure at first refused and warned Simple K that she will imprison him for tarnishing her name but he didn’t heed. Further Full Figure called Simple] K’s mother and told her to talk sense into her son but all proved futile.

According to the leaked results, Simple K is but the father as the results turned out negative. Its expected that Full Figure will jail him for a lifetime as she doesn’t like being messed around with.

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