Museveni promises to get to the bottom of the attempted assassination against Gen Katumba Wamala’s life

General Katumba Wamala and Museveni

President Museveni has promised to fish out the “pigs” that attempted to assassinate General Edward Katumba Wamala.

He says that the security team is working east, west, north, and south to ensure that they can capture those that tried to claim the life of the Chief of Defense Forces’ life today’s morning.

During the attempted assassination, two lives of the General’s driver and his daughter were unfortunately claimed as they succumbed to injuries from the multiple bullet wounds they attained.

On the other hand, the General survived although he escaped with multiple injuries putting him in a critical condition. The President went on to say that General Katumba was fairly fine by the time they spoke.

“I talked to Gen Katumba twice on the phone. He is being well- managed. We shall defeat the criminals as we did in the past. We already have clues to those killers,” said the President furiously.

Since the security already has a link to the people behind the General’s assassination, he has promised to deal with them accordingly and put them in their place. In his message, he referred to them as pigs.

General Katumba Wamala and Museveni
Museveni (L) and General Katumba Wamala (R)

“The pigs who do not value life shot at Gen. Katumba, killed his daughter and driver and injured him. Condolences on the loss of the two Ugandans,” threatened President Museveni to whoever tempered with the general.

This is the third time a man who is part of the armed forces is being attacked while it is the first time that he is in position to escape the attempts on his life by assassin’s on boda bodas in the last four years.

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The first assassination was on AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi’s life in 2017 claiming even the lives of his bodyguard  followed by Mohammed Kirumira’s life that was claimed in 2018 which swept even the life of a passenger he was giving a lift at the time.

This time round, the army General’s life was spared while the lives of his driver and daughter were unfortunately claimed in the attack which left the country in utter shock.

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