MUBS AGAIN – Forget Paula, MUBS Foursome video Leaks – Details

MUBS AGAIN - Forget Paula, MUBS Foursome video Leaks - Details

MUBS AGAIN!!! What is really going on with our young brothers and sisters at higher institutions? We have asked this question because of the shocking content that is going so viral on different social networks… Well, are people so Idle during this 42-day lockdown or it’s something else? A few days back, the internet was filled with different keywords in a search for Paula’s video, a MUB’s student that had been leaked by her former b0nkmate.

In the video, Paula was seen splashing her sumbie wide for social media in-laws thus creating a huge debate on social networks… Well, let’s put Paula’s issue aside, now a few minutes ago, another video is trending on different socials and some sources allege that these are also MUBS’ students…

In this video, we see four people in it (Foursome) and one of the girls being pounded is heard screaming out loud how they have taken away her goat…

“Mwanna Otuute embuzi yange”, the lady said.

Now this becomes the third video leaked in a space of two days…

Qtn – What should parents and religious leaders do to stop these crazy acts within these students?

For purposes of content regulation, we are not unloading that video here…

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