MTN Uganda Foundation Lights up Kamuli Schools

The MTN Uganda Foundation, together with Fenix International Uganda as an executing accomplice has collaborated to illuminate 30 schools in Kamuli District.

Kamuli locale is one of the intense power deficiencies regardless of having national lattice.

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The MTN Uganda Foundation has given 150 sun based packs to the Kamuli schools. Fenix International Uganda will introduce and keep up the units.

MTN Uganda Foundation

The MTN Uganda Foundation has cooperated with Fenix-International Uganda to give power and lighting to chosen schools in Kamuli District. Fenix-International Uganda is a cutting edge vitality and innovation organization. Its main goal is to improve the personal satisfaction of clients through comprehensive vitality.

The gift is a piece of activity by the establishment worth 380 million. Wherein a sum of 550 modified sun oriented units will be given to schools in various pieces of the nation.

The 30 schools in Kamuli will get a sum of 150 units. Under a comparative venture in June this year, MTN gave 100 sunlight based units in the Bunambutye resettlement camp. This is in Bulambuli district in Eastern Uganda. Also, another 100 were introduced in schools and wellbeing focuses on Buvuma Islands.

Fenix International Uganda will introduce and keep up the packs to guarantee the venture’s supportability.

MTN Uganda Foundation GM Corporate Services Enid Edroma clarified that “Light up a Village” will improve the execution of students in schools by expanding pursuing time, particularly in the night. This will upgrade instructor readiness for exercises and give a proper situation while expanding enlistment.

Kamuli locale endures intense power deficiencies regardless of having national lattice.

This influences the execution of younger students since modification time is not proper each time there is no power. Kamuli is additionally not among the top-positioning areas in Uganda in all assessments.

“By giving sun oriented lighting, students can have the option to peruse for longer as they get ready for their anticipated tests. Their wellbeing is likewise ensured particularly those in all-inclusive schools who are remaining in residences without light,” Enid said.

Enid said that the world is presently a worldwide town where rivalry doesn’t think about your own conditions. “There are not any more extraordinary contemplations for individuals on account of the conditions under which you examined. In the commercial center, you contend on equivalent balance. We don’t need the youngsters here to get extremely impeded. Therefore that is the reason we at MTN chose to loan some assistance to give them a battling possibility.”

“As the MTN Foundation, we are energetic about instruction and we trust that by illuminating these schools, the understudies can have better opportunities to ponder and perform better in their national exams,” Enid said.

The RT.Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, Speaker of Parliament and the lady MP for Kamuli said thanks to MTN for the motion.

“Kamuli locale has a ton of potential yet we have been confronting some constraint. For example, control lack in addition to other things. What MTN has done here is something excellent and we are extremely thankful. The Onus is presently on our youngsters, instructors. Also, our restorative individuals to appropriately use these offices in a maintainable way to our benefit,” Kadaga said.


The MTN Foundation has attempted to help various government activities in the training sub-area. MTN Uganda Foundation has been assembling and restoring schools in different pieces of Uganda in an organization with PEAS. MTN Foundation has likewise been stretching out ICT information to country schools utilizing the MTN ICT transport. The bus has better ICT facilities where the children have basic ICT training.

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