Ms Alice Kaboyo finally sworn in as a Minister

Ms Alice Kaboyo finally sworn in as a Minister

Ms. Alice Kaboyo has today been sworn in as the Minister of State in the office of the Prime Minister in charge of the Luweero Triangle-Rwenzori region.

This comes after a battle where the Parliamentary committee rejected to approve of her as a Minister of State following a scandal she was involved in back in 2012 and pleaded guilty to the charges levied against her.

Allegedly, the rejection was based on a June 2012 incident in which Ms. Alice Kaboyo was convicted by the Anti-corruption Court over courts relating to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) case to which she pleaded guilty.

Subsequently, Ms. Kaboyo who had been accused alongside the Minister of Health by then Jim Muhwezi alongside his deputies Mike Mukula and Dr. Alex Kamugisha were sentenced to either eight years behind bars or pay a fine of UGX 20 million.

Instead of facing the chilling experience of being behind bars for a long eight years, Ms. Kaboyo decided to pay the UGX 20 million.

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Approximately nine years later, when the world seems to have forgotten one of the top scandals, Ms. Kaboyo’s past came to slap her in the face reminds her of the scandal she was involved in.

However, Ms. Kaboyo later proved her worth and got her approval as the State Minister in charge of the Luweero Triangle-Rwenzori region for which she shall take office today after swearing into power.

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