Mr “Smart Wire” Vampino files child abuse case against Ex Bonkmate and Baby Mama Suzan Owori

Vampino and Susan Owori

The Ugandan Entertainment industry is full of interesting music, acts and stories, and guess what, our team has dug out a new one for you, and this time it’s from faded or to be polite lost musician Vampino who most of us in the early days knew as Vampos.

The smart wire singer has been quiet and off the music scene for quite a long time and now he is back in the papers for all the wrong reasons musically but the right ones as a parent and father.

Fortebet Uganda Vampino

Elvis Kirya alias Vampino who released a hit song called “smart wire” that most ladies danced to and enjoyed a lot is also a brother to Maurice Kirya if am to describe him well for those that have just heard about the name. In the dog’s age, Vampino was rumored to be having an affair with Suzan Owori but who knew they even had a kid together? Hold tight am bringing the news.

Suzan Owori is a socialite and also a young sister to the most decorated Ugandan fashion designer Slyvia Owori. Vampino and Suzan Owori had an affair a year back something I prefer to call the dog’s age but before they happened, the same Suzan Owori had had an affair with RnB singer Akon.
In the year 2008 and 2009, it is believed that this beautiful lady got into an entanglement with Akon and they had two sons, it’s at this time that she used that as a factor to try and lure the American based artist by then into introducing him to her parents or else he could not see his sons.

Now during this frenzy, our team understands that Elvis Kirya or Vampino was also in the game and had nutted into Suzan Owori live many a time.
On July 22, 2012 there were reports that Akon had accepted having had an affair with Suzan and he agreed to take father duties and take care of the boy but in the same year 2012 but a different month in October, Vampino came out and started claiming Suzan Owori was giving away his son to Akon and so wanted to see the DNA results. Let this be a starting point to bring us to the future we are already in.

On Thursday 23rd July, the COVID year 2020 which was yesterday, Mr. Elvis Kirya(Vampino) was spotted at Kabalagala Police Station and approached by news reporters to inquire why he had been around the place since morning and this was what we earned in for you…

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“Yes, I have my cases and am here after filing a case for child abuse. You know I have been with my son and I’ve been a mother and father, so I have a problem with the mother, not doing the right things in front of my kid.
For the past two months she took him away and has never responded to me yet she claimed she’d taken him to eat ice-cream and it looks like there is Ice-cream that is eaten for 2 months.”

Vampino explains in a quick interview that he has been with his son for six years and Suzan Owori has been able to visit and have time with the boy without any difficulties, he actually described it as smooth. When asked by the interviewer what he meant by being a mother and a father to the kid he said he alone has been taking care of his son without Owori’s help and also pins her that she has always been in around town, in bars but never ever really taken responsibility as a mom.

He even says, he has little time for his fans who keep asking him for new music because he has to spend time with his kid… “I have to mother, I have to take him to school and he’s 6 years old but from the 4 years he had when I got him, it has always been me as the mom and dad because of negligence the boy’s mom did.”
The interviewer then asked, “Speaking of negligence, who is the mom of this kid and how did the two of you meet?”

“It’s Suzan Owori, and it’s indeed a long time, we met a great number of years back and as you know, you meet people without knowing what is taking place but at least I was so smart and realized it later that the person I was with can not be that (be my wife) where I was looking at but thank God that the precious gift he gave us, the kid,” Vampino replied.

He continued and said, ” You have been coming all these years, six years I’ve been with him and have never stopped anyone from seeing him. We call you for birthdays, we celebrate them at my home and we just call you at school, there is a speech day and you even fail to turn up.

You have never seen the boy’s report, you have never done the boy’s homework and then you come and take him. I’m trying to find out what is going on, you hang up on me, and yet you have military guards at the gate. I knock and you refuse to open for me and the only option I had was to scream my son’s name,” narrated a touched Vampino.

“… With his two friends and he replied from a far while screaming, he came running towards the gate, they tried to fight with him at the gate saying (dad help me) but since he is young and small, he got through and came to my arms, I held him and told him lets go home and all he could say was Daddy take me home even when I tried to remind him that his toys were staying behind.”

Vampino further accuses Suzan for storming his yard with military police while he was away to take a certain young boy for an important operation, he narrates how Slyvia and Suzan Owori who are sisters came to his place to pick his son in a way that was breath-taking which he says it was like they had come to fight a battle.

“I simply told them, I am not coming there, and if you want anything more than that go to the police because I already have a case there.”
Vampino blames Suzan Owori for abusing his son in some unpleasant way saying she strips in front of his kid together with another gay man making nasty videos with his son in them and not other kids in the house.

In a continued conversation with Mr. Kirya Elvis, the Smart wire singer says the things the Slyvia Owori family are doing means they don’t need any reconciliation conspiracies and he explains that before he had a chance to get to his son, he had tried multiple times to get to him but they always pushed him away because they were rich and all that till he went to America where Slyvia Owori met him in Los Angeles and asked him to go and pick his son from her sister because she couldn’t be a mother.

“When I got here, her (Suzan) other sister called Siinah, was like get you, son, out of that house, our sister is not a mom to your son and if they ask who the father to that kid is and they say he’s Vampino’s and yet he looks like that, how will you feel?

I’ve lost many things, I’ve failed to do many things but I don’t care what happened and I don’t care who will judge me but when it comes to my sons, they are my first priority over my name because the vampino thing is known by you people but ever since these kids came onto this earth, I have to be responsible and I have to stand and protect.”

It has been a long ride in this story but it seems too long to complete today, Police through Luke Owoyesigire informed the public that there was no case of child abuse but the issue was about who was supposed to take care of the boy among Suzan Owori and Vampino.

He informed us that the two had been sent to court for a real hearing and a final decision. We have not received Suzan Owori’s side of the story but I know soon it will be on the table and we shall deliver it to you fully cooked.

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